About Red Canyon Management

Red Canyon Management is a leading boutique London agency that was founded in 2005. In its years of business it has firmly established itself within the industry with a strong reputation.

Red Canyon Management represents Actors, Presenters and Voice Over Artists.

Our very talented artists have worked across the board of entertainment which includes Theatre, Television, Film, Commercials, Radio, Photography and Voice Over. Our clients have worked all over the UK and abroad.
Red Canyon’s philosophy will always remain the same ‘a clearer view’. Its objective is to provide a trusted working relationship with its clients, build on career development and promote true talent. In this uncertain industry ‘a clearer view’ is what is needed.

Red Canyon’s intention will never be to fill its books with loads of faces so that names can’t be remembered, but to clearly devote time to a number of selective clients.

Why the name Red Canyon Management?
A question that is asked a lot!
Answer: The Canyon turns Red at sunset!

Red Canyon Management