Lloyd Morris

Lloyd Morris

Actor – Press

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Plaza Suite

Plaza Opens The Door For Actors To Really Shine

By Tom King, Southend Echo
For every West End theatre star with an Olivier award or a knighthood, there must be a dozen actors of equal talent who never get the big-time break.

Six such talents get the chance to show their substance at the Palace Dixon Studio this week. If talent alone determined the issue, every one of them should be in the Madame Tussaud’s theatre section.

Sanderling is one of that growing number of collegiate-style theatre companies, which gives brilliant actors the big parts they deserve but may not always get on the commercial circuits. Plaza Suite, by Neil Simon, offers the perfect vehicle for such an agenda.
Gold medals (male and female) probably have to go to Lloyd Morris and Victoria Long, as the parents driven to the edge of violent dementia by their daughter’s behaviour.

The bar for truly rich and touching performances is set from the start by Joanne Seymour and Lloyd Morris in the reboot honeymoon playlet. Between them they contrive to break your heart.

Although categorised as light comedy, Plaza Suite is quite an emotional roller-coaster. The strongest response of all at the end of this particular production is admiration for Sanderling’s cast. Acting wise these guys are A-listers.